At Sintech Limited, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service.  In order to achieve this, we are constantly seeking ways to adapt our services to accommodate every aspect of e-Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping.  Sintech offers the following high quality services: Installation, repair, relocation, upgrading and maintenance contracts on new and used RP machines (most leading manufacturers) at very competitive prices Please ask for details.


With headquarters in the UK, and a number of production centers throughout Asia and the Middle East, we are strategically positioned to offer a worldwide service to our customers, which not only yields excellent results, but delivers them rapidly and cost effectively.

Our experienced and friendly team can provide consultation and advice on a wide range of services, such as Rapid Prototyping, Consulting, Tooling, Value Engineering and Reverse engineering from the design brief through to concept, and finally through to prototype modelling.  Our extensive knowledge in the industry allows us to tailor for any size project from a single job to a sizeable series production

We offer competitive RP services (With/without finishing & polish), excellent lead time. Full range of RP services: CNC, SLA parts, SLS multi material parts (Metal, Nylon, Sand). Dealership with used and new RP system accompanied by full technical after sale support. Good range of Surplus material available on request. With an un biased advice. Contact us today.

As with all professionals world wide. Our code of conduct ensures that all our staff adhere to the utmost strict confidentiality and secrecy protocol when handling customer's data.