The following services are available on request.

  • Dealership (Buy or Rent basis) on a range of new and used RP equipment. For a list of available machines please write to us using the “contact us” page. Alternatively, send us an e-mail with your request to info@sintech.co.uk
  • Full Technical After Sale Support is provided, Installation, Relocation & Repair. Viable standard Maintenance Contracts, Warranty provided. We offer Basic & Advanced Training & Startups by experts personnel.
  • Reverse & Value Engineering: Using precise 3D scanners to generate date for RP or CNC production. Our skilled engineers and drafts men can evaluate current designs and optimize material choices, manufacturing methods and assessing design suitability for tooling.
  •  2D into 3D conversion: This is done by skilled draftsmen to convert all old 2D drawing into 3D useable data.
  • RP-Material (Surplus), we provide unbiased advice of which suitable and economical material to select for your RP system based on our vast experience of RP/M technologies. Please contact us or write to: info@sintech.co.uk
  • Consultation, Training & Seminars, Workshops provided by our well experienced team, who could visit your company or at a mutually agreed venue.

              Guaranteed Benefits:

  • Complete picture and understanding of RP/M for decision makers.
  • The We provide the tools and technique to measure your in-house facility performance and utilization.

  • Providing higher skills and knowledge to your shop floor engineers and technicians. How to handle CAD data, Realising the full potential of your system.

  • Less environmental impacts from your RP/M activities.

  • Know-how technology that your staff & managers need in order to get the best out of your RP-equipment. For example, how to cut down the running cost by significantly reducing un-necessary waste.